In the current marketplace there is just one reality that every organization faces: change. Emerging technologies and markets, changes in customers’ requirements and expectations, regulations, and more – all of these factors are pushing today’s businesses to be more flexible and adaptable. Transformation is the name of the game. Operational Enablement, created through clear improvement plans and coupled with a strong project and change management strategies, are key components of any transformation initiative. At Kirke, we help our customers identify where the barriers exist, who the key stakeholders are, what the strategic vision is and, most importantly, how to execute and achieve the desired business results.

Our four steps to success

  1. Strategy

    • Business Process Understanding
    • Business Process Design
  2. Data Process & Compliance

    • Policies, Procedures and Reporting
    • System identification, evaluation & selection
  3. Project Management & Governance

    • System implementation
    • System audit & review
  4. Change Management

    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Segregation & Controls
    • Key Performance Measurement


  • Identify areas of opportunity to optimize business performance outcomes that maximize value and minimize cost
  • Establish compliance at the process, procedure and policy levels
  • Implement through established Project Management principles


  • Identify the right skillsets, synergies, and flows that allow cross-functional teams to perform optimally
  • Manage change at the individual and team level

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