Strategy services at Kirke focus on assisting our customers to identify, formulate and execute effective business strategies. Starting with our customers’ vision, we facilitate the process of translating ideas that will take advantage of business opportunities that were not evident before. The framework utilized enables us to provide insight and recommendations to move forward with our customers’ goals.

Our five steps to success

  1. Vision

    • Establish winning aspiration
  2. Opportunities

    • Identify opportunities around revenue - product / service offerings, market segments, channels, geography
    • Identify cost savings - operations, obsolescence, optimization
  3. Competitive Advantage

    • Establish the key differentiator in the chosen space
  4. Core Competencies

    • Identify needed capabilities to enable competitive advantage
  5. Governance

    • Identify management structure, practices and processes that will dictate the execution of strategies

Opportunities Assessment

  • Identify winning market spaces
  • Establish revenue growth strategies
  • Determine cost optimization structure

Business Solutions for Success

  • Establish goals and objectives
  • Define specific KPIs

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